Human Resources for Knowledge Mobilization Workshop in Toronto, February 20, 2009

It is my pleasure to announce the second workshop in a new series we are calling “Knowledge Mobilization Boot Camps”.

As the complexity and quantity of data and information grows, we need to develop better and more effective methods to interact within our workplaces and personal lives. It has been said that taking information and transmuting it into life-affirming action may turn out to be the most advanced and meaningful practice of our time.

I am inviting you to participate in a process that will help to improve our ability to better use what we know. It would be my privilege to have your attendance as an active participant of the workshop on Human Resources for Knowledge Mobilization.

We will explore three topics:

* Characteristics of effective knowledge brokers/mobilizers?
* How to manage people who are involved in knowledge mobilization?
* What is needed for knowledge mobilization professional development?

We will produce three items:

* A synthesis of experience from participants.
* A set of recommendations to the Federal Granting Agencies and key Federal and Provincial Government Departments.
* An agenda of further work to share with the KMb community.

We have great speakers including David Phipps from York University, Melanie Barwick from SickKids Hospital, and Amy Coupal from Curriculum Services Canada.

This workshop will be at the Hilton Toronto Airport. The cost of attendance and materials is modest and I believe that there is great value to be gained from the contacts and ideas that will be generated.

More information is found on the registration website:

Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments or questions.

I hope to see you soon.

A bientôt,

Peter Norman Levesque
Director, Knowledge Mobilization Works
1961 rue Caprihani Way Ottawa ON K4A 4R6 Canada
+1 613 841 0858 office
+1 613 552 2725 mobile

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