How delicious are your bookmarks?

Access to knowledge mobilization resources using delicious bookmarks.  Brought to you by ResearchImpact, Canada’s knowledge mobilization network.

York’s knowledge mobilization (KMb) Unit surveyed our on line users to fund what services they wanted from ResearchImpact.   Our on line community expressed interest in KMb (or KTE, KT, K-whatever…we’re sticking with KMb, Melanie) resources.   We don’t presume to be the last word in KMb resources but we do know an interesting web resource when we come across one.  Hence our delicious KMb Bookmarks (

We organized our KMb Bookmarks using the social bookmarking tool, delicious (  Delicious allows users to upload interesting bookmarks in the delicious social web space.  Bookmarks can be tagged and a description added.  For example, the last bookmark we tagged was:

Plain Language: Improving Communications from the Federal Government to the Public

The Plain Language Action and Information Network is a community of interest of mainly federal employees dedicated to the idea that citizens deserve clear communications from government. We first developed this document in the mid-90s. Ten years later, we decided it was time to revise it. Based on those 10 years of experience, there were pieces of advice we no longer wanted to give, and there were others we wanted to add. We hope you find this document useful, and that it helps you improve your writing—and your agency’s writing—so your readers can:

* find what they need,
* understand what they read; and
* use it to fulfill their needs.


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Go on.  Be delicious.