Job Opportunity – Health Promotion Specialist, Knowledge Broker

The Program Training and Consultation Centre (PTCC), the lead provincial tobacco control resource centre for the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, requires a Health Promotion Specialist, Knowledge Broker to coordinate two to three provincial Communities of Practice (CoPs) comprised of local public health professionals, researchers and non-governmental organizational staff.

In addition, the Health Promotion Specialist, Knowledge Broker will be responsible for developing a theoretical framework to improve the functioning of existing CoPs and guide the development of new CoPs. CoPs facilitate knowledge exchange, cross-province communication, and support among practitioners.  They are intended to enable PTCC to better and more efficiently coordinate capacity building activities (e.g., consultation, training, and resources) in areas that practitioners identify as high priority or in which extra information and support are needed. 

PTCC is managed from the Population Health Unit, Department of Prevention & Screening at Cancer Care Ontario.

Please see the link for more details. 

Applications must be submitted online and by April 22nd.