Knowledge Exchange in Public Health Conference 11-12 April 2011

Welcome – conference aim and theme

The FUSE Knowledge Exchange Group are delighted to announce the 2011 Knowledge Exchange in Public Health Conference. The conference will be held at the Ramside Hall Hotel, a country hotel situated in extensive grounds, located off the A1 close to the historic city of Durham which enjoys World Heritage status.

Our aim in this conference is:

To bring together those working in health, local authority, voluntary organisations and academics from across the health and wellbeing community to share learning about the latest thinking in knowledge exchange, translational research, the co-creation of knowledge, partnership and collaborative working

Conference theme: Sharing evidence and knowledge across the Public Health community

The Knowledge Exchange in Public Health Conference will explore the approaches, opportunities and challenges involved in sharing and using knowledge and evidence across the public health and wellbeing community.

The conference will invite papers from academic researchers and those engaged in policy and practice roles that:

  • Delve into the different thinking involved in accessing, shaping, adapting and moving different types of evidence and knowledge around the complex contexts in which public health and wellbeing activity takes place, and
  • explore the response of those involved (adoption, accommodation, resistance) to consider the impact of these attempts to translate knowledge into action and the reasons for this.

Papers may be theoretical or empirical and may focus at different levels of knowledge exchange activity e.g. (one or two-way) between policy – practice – research – the public, and/or across professional, cultural, organisational or sector boundaries).

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