KTE vs Communications vs Communications about KTE

Some may have seen some e mail traffic between me and Desre.  A web based dialogue is facilitated by using the comment feature below this post to share your ideas.

My idea for a KTE CoP session is to discuss the communication messages we use about our services so that our stakeholders (researchers, decision makers, students, practitioners) can understand what we as KTE practitioners do and why it is important o use KTE in your research and/or policy processes.

Case in point.  I have a 1 page “flier” on our KMb services at York.  I’d like feedback on how to strengthen or clarify the messages in the flier.  Is this activity beneficial to the larger KTE CoP?  if so we might consider a session on communications about KTE.  If this is only of interest to a few then I am happy to use this web space for discussion amongst those interested.

Thanks Desre for getting me to think of using this space.

Let everyone know if you have an opinion by using the comment feature below.

Happy KMb-ing.


1 thought on “KTE vs Communications vs Communications about KTE”

  1. I am happy to take part in reviewing your flier as I think it’s important to educate folks on what KT professionals do as a way of helping them and promoting the profession and legitimacy of KT.

    One of the things we found in our KT Professionals Survey – to be presented this year at KTE CoP – was that many respondents felt their organizations did not fully recognize them and the importance of their role.

    So, I’m in…

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