Translating Research into Policy and Practice Workshops at the University of Ottawa

Knowledge Mobilization Works Director, Peter Levesque will be leading two workshops at the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Ottawa.

Translating Research into Policy and Practice is a two day workshop addressing these topics:

  • Identifying and establishing relationships with potential partners who can put your research to best use
  • Creating a research-use strategy
  • Developing plain language communication products
  • Breaking down barriers to collaboration
  • Using feedback effectively The workshops are scheduled for February 7, 8, 2011 and June 20, 21, 2011.  Other dates may become available. Customized programs for specific work environments are also negotiable.

    The workshops are targeted at researchers, academics, knowledge brokers or anyone involved in research they hope will influence the direction of policy and practice in their respective field (health science, social science, environmental science, etc.)

    Peter is also in discussions with the Centre to develop other knowledge translation and mobilization workshops, with the purpose of creating a strong portfolio of workshops as part of an emerging knowledge mobilization program at the University of Ottawa. 

    Your suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.