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The ORC is seeking to fill a one year contract with an estimated time commitment of 2½ to 3 days/week.

The Ontario Coalition of Research Institutes/Centres on Health and Aging (ORC) has an immediate need for a contractor to work with the ORC Steering Committee as a Knowledge Broker / Coordinator (1 year contract with potential for renewal)

The ORC is a member of the SHRTN Collaborative (a network of networks) and is based in Ontario.  Visit http://beta.shrtn.on.ca/nodes/orc to find out more about the ORC goals, members and priorites.  The successful consultant will ideally be based in Toronto or Ottawa, but could be located anywhere in Ontario. 

See below for details on the role and responsibilities associated with this role.  If you are interested, please send your cv and cover letter to bseguin@bruyere.org by April 15, 2011

The successful Consultant shall perform the following duties an responsibilities associated with the role of  ORC Project Coordinator / Knowledge Broker:

In collaboration with the ORC Chair, ORC Steering Committee, and the SHRTN Office, the Consultant shall provide the following to implement initiatives and activities:

  •  Develop and implement strategies, work plans and budgets.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Develop knowledge transfer and exchange strategies that will identify:
    • Target audiences in the community of interest: change champions, opinion leaders, clinicians, service provider organizations, the research community, regulatory bodies, policy makers and professional associations representing care of seniors in the long-term care setting and in the community.
    • Key messages from research evidence relevant to the audience.
    • Appropriate mechanisms for interaction.
    • Materials/tools/mechanisms to be developed to support evidence-based care of seniors.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the Coalition; including special events, funding calls, meeting coordination, budget control, contract management, etc.
  • Enable connections among scientists, policy makers and practitioners.
  • Assist in preparation of applications for research funding that involve researchers in more than one ORC member organization 
  • Use SHRTN’s broad umbrella of Communities of Practice to increase awareness about areas of expertise and research of researchers in the ORC member organizations.  Coordinate a webinar series, in conjunction with the Communities of Practice highlighting opportunities for researcher, policy maker, practitioner collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Update SHRTN and AKE Knowledge Brokers about the work of researchers in the ORC member organizations.

Work with the members of the ORC, SHRTN and the AKE to undertake the following 5 priorities:

1. Networking and Communication

  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels within and between the ORC member Institutes/Centres
  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels with members of SHRTN Communities of Practice and wider seniors health community
  • Participate in weekly meetings with the ORC Chair
  • Prepare with the ORC Chair the agenda and prepare the minutes for the monthly ORC Steering Committee meetings
  • Participate in the quarterly in person meetings of the Knowledge Brokers and Information Specialists
  • Participate in bi-monthly joint meetings of the CoP leads, Knowledge Brokers, Information Specialists and SHRTN Management teams
  • Participate in the planning of the SHRTN Collaborative Annual Assembly
  • Participate in the SHRTN Collaborative Annual Assembly

2. Promotion

  • Promote initiatives of the ORC to key stakeholders throughout Ontario using at a minimum the SHRTN.on.ca website

3. Awareness of Evidence-based Care for Seniors

  • Work with Communities of Practice and other interested stakeholders to identify research that informs care for seniors and gaps in knowledge about care processes

4. Facilitation

  • Plan and facilitate meetings and other ORC events – using different formats and technologies, including face-to-face, teleconference calls, video-conferencing and e-meetings using Adobe Acrobat Connect

5. Evaluation

  • Work with the SHRTN Collaborative evaluators, the CoP leaders and the SHRTN office to establish and implement evaluation plans
  • Participate as the ORC representative on the SHRTN Evaluation Advisory Group (SEAG)

For more information on the ORC visit www.SHRTN.on.ca

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