Ottawa Meetings

Hello Ottawa members of the KTECoP,

I hope that the start of 2012 has been kind to you.

A couple people asked when the next community of practice exchange might be.

Who would like to volunteer to host the next meeting – perhaps in late February or early March. The last one hosted at CCSA was terrific – kudos to all the great people at CCSA who put so much effort into a great learning experience.

I suggest that we hold 4 formal presentation/discussion meetings a year and add 2 informal dinner/coffee meetings. I recently attended an informal event by the international development community – it was a very good way to meet and have open discussion.

Here is a proposed schedule for 2012
1) Presentation/discussion – late February/early March
2) Presentation/discussion – late April/early May
3) Dinner/coffee in June
4) Presentation/discussion – late September/early October
5) Presentation/discussion – November
6) Dinner/coffee/party – December

We may also wish to do something in conjunction with the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum 2012 (June 19-20)

Look forward to growing this community with you.

Please share the link with your colleagues and have them fill out the Ottawa info sheet at: