RFP for knowledge exchange expert

RFP Knowledge Exchange CoordinatorDTFP-Final Jan 16 2012

Hi Community: 

If anyone is interested, Manitoba needs some help from someone with KE expertise (see RFP in link above). I am including the email I received below so you can direct any questions you might have to the appropriate person.

Cheers, Heather


Good afternoon Heather,

 I understand that you have extended an offer to post a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Knowledge Exchange Expert for the Drug Treatment Funding Program on your website so that notification can be sent to your membership that Manitoba has issued this call for tenders. I am forwarding a notice summary as well as the RFP document itself that can be posted to your website.  The RFP document contains an acknowledgement form and we have asked that any interested bidders, return this form to myself so that we can distribute any subsequent addendums to the RFP in a timely manner.  All questions regarding the RFP can be directed to myself as I am managing the process on behalf of Healthy Living Youth and Seniors.  I thank you in advance for coordinating the posting of this notice and assisting us in reaching as broad of an audience as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you.

Karen Komonko

Business Consultant

Procurement Services Branch

Manitoba Government

2nd Floor – 270 Osborne Street North

Winnipeg, Manitoba     R3C 1V7

Telephone:   (204) 945-4629

Email:    Karen.Komonko@gov.mb.ca

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