Whose Research Is It Anyway? Community University Partnerships as Agents of Change

A presentation by Kate Pahl, a Reader in Literacies in Education at the University of Sheffield.

Event Details

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 4-6 pm
Hospital for Sick Children
Child Health Evaluative Sciences
Research Institute Room 1218

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Whose Research Is It Anyway? (PDF)


“In this presentation I will talk about community university research partnerships in a UK context with a particular focus on the current UK research council funded ‘Connected Communities’ programme. Using the example of one research project called ‘Language as Talisman’ I will describe how youth workers were able to develop their own programme of research with the support of the University on resilience in language. I will also explore problems and difficulties in relation to shared outputs in research, using film as an example. I will focus on young people’s voices and how CuP’s can become agents of change.”

About the Speaker

Kate PahlKate Pahl is a Reader in Literacies in Education at the University of Sheffield. She is interested in the co-production of knowledge across Universities and Communities. Her most recent project, Language as Talisman involved working with the youth service and artists as well as teachers and young people to co-produce knowledge on language as a source of resilience. She is the author of several books with Jennifer Rowsell (Brock University) most recently Literacy and Education (2012). She is also the Deputy Director of the Research Exchange at Sheffield, which is the research gateway for the Social Sciences, and her responsibility there is to support collaborative work in research and in particular, collaborative ethnography and the co-production of research.