KTECoP Membership Survey 2014: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Dear KTPCoPers,

On behalf of the Coordinating Committee, I am delighted to post our Membership Survey 2014 Report.  KTECoP Survey Report April 8 2014

In partial fulfillment for our CIHR MPD grant (2011-2013/14), the report highlights characteristics of our membership, barriers and facilitators to connection and collaboration, impacts, and goals for moving forward in our growth.

Main Messages:

The membership, as reflected by survey respondents, is comprised of knowledge translation (KT) practitioners (50%), KT researchers (18%), and students (8%), and smattering of ‘others.’

There is more membership engagement in Toronto, with the potential for Canada-wide engagement with the use of social media.  Half the membership, as reflected by survey respondents, has never attended a KTECoP event.

Members who have attended events feel quite welcome, but we need to build on accessibility for all members to attend virtually.

Impacts included helping to develop relationships within the KT field, providing access to information that is useful to members’ jobs and studies, providing members with deeper KT knowledge, and providing a better understanding of diverse KT needs.

39% reported making between 1-5 new connections, with 14% reporting 6-10 new connections.

Future goals should include discussing evidence of effective knowledge, improving relations among members, and increasing member contributions.  Specifically, improve the online presence of the community of practice, facilitate conversations on Twitter via the #KMbChat tag, and make sessions more available to out-of-province members by live streaming or by hosting webinars.

 On average, participants reported that the community of practice has been a valuable resource, rating it a 3.74 on a scale of 1 to 5.

A special thank you to our graduate student, Emily A. Opala BSc (U Toronto) for her essential assistance in managing and interpreting the survey data and drafting this report.

Stay tuned for a meeting this spring/early summer to review the report in person and to plan our next steps for growth and impact!


Melanie Barwick (SickKids, U Toronto)

Heather Bullock (CAMH)

Amanda Cooper (Queens U)

Rossana Coriandoli (CAMH)

Jane Gibson (formerly IWH)

Scott Mitchell (CMHA Ontario)

David Phipps (York U)