KT Competencies

Hello KTE CoP Members,

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) in BC is part of a working group developing individual knowledge translation (KT) training pathways for health researchers; knowledge users; and knowledge brokers in British Columbia and Alberta, based on BC’s Health Services Researcher Pathway.

We’re in the early stages, currently trying to identify resources to determine what are the KT competencies needed by each of these groups. We have a research librarian helping us with a literature search but could use your assistance as well.


If you know of anything (articles, grey literature, job descriptions, etc) that discusses KT competencies for one or more of our target audiences (health researchers; knowledge users; and knowledge brokers) would you please send them to me at gscarrow@msfhr.org?

KT competencies may differ over the course of people’s careers so we’re also interested in identifying those differences.


Thanks all for any help you can provide!