Call for Resources

Participants at the recent NIH/VA measures and reporting standards working meeting identified a need for resources that synthesize evaluation tools as a priority area for the field of Dissemination and Implementation Science. A subgroup of participants, led by Drs. Borsika Rabin and Cara Lewis, are working to identify and summarize existing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods resources for broad dissemination.
To ensure that no existing resources are overlooked, we ask that you email us with any resources (completed or in progress) you know about or have created for inclusion in this summary article.
We are interested in resources, not individual instruments or measures. Examples of the kind of resources we are looking for include:

·      Online repositories of quantitative instruments

o   NCI Grid-Enabled Measures Project

o   Seattle Implementation Research Collaborative Instrument Review Project

·      Qualitative coding systems

o   Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research Qualitative Coding Guide

Please forward this Call for Resources to your D&I networks.
Send resources or questions to: or