Knowledge Exchange and Communications: Finding a Common Ground

Public Health Ontario (PHO) recently started applying an integrated approach for supporting knowledge exchange/translation (KTE) and communications activities across the organization. Hear about the experiences of knowledge exchange specialists and communications advisors at PHO as they defined their roles and created joint processes to support other PHO teams in their full range of KTE activities.

This KTECOP session built on the current conversations about the differences and similarities between knowledge translation and strategic communications.

Event Details

Thursday, December 3, 2015
4:30 to 6:30 pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Room 7-105, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto



Learn about:

  • PHO’s work to integrate KTE and communications support services.
  • How PHO has reflected on the categories proposed by Barwick and colleagues in Scholarly and Research Communication 2014 to delineate KTE and communications roles.
  • The development and early implementation, and key challenges of a joint KTE/communications approach for supporting teams across PHO.

About the Presenters

Elisabeth Marks, knowledge exchange specialist, PHO
Elisabeth has over ten years of experience working with collaborative research teams to develop and conduct research and KTE activities in public health, HIV, chronic disease, and child health. She has also recently delved into research impact assessment – evaluating the impacts of research and KTE on healthcare and health outcomes.

Stacie Carey, knowledge exchange specialist, PHO
Stacie’s experience spans multiple public health priority areas including physical activity promotion, mental health and injury prevention. She has worked with local, provincial and national organizations to design and evaluate creative knowledge exchange strategies.

Aaron Furfaro, Communications Team Lead, PHO
Aaron and his team work with internal clients to help plan, develop and disseminate knowledge products that enable policy, program and practice action for Ontario’s public health and healthcare sectors. He has been working in communications in the health sector for the past 10 years in a variety of roles.