February #KMbChat: Creating Solutions Like an Entrepreneur: Synergies Between Entrepreneurship and KMb/Research Activities

KMbChat-logo-v51When: Thursday February  25, 2016 at noon EDT

Where: Twitter (follow @KMbChat and the #KMbChat hashtag at the above scheduled date and time)

Topic: Creating Solutions Like an Entrepreneur: Synergies Between Entrepreneurship and KMb/Research Activities

This month’s #KMbChat is about the synergies between entrepreneurship and kmb/research activities.

Entrepreneurs have ideas and want to provide solutions in the same way that researchers have ideas and create solutions. Both are driven by impact. In particular, consider; product to market fit in business and knowing the needs and wants of your target market in research; planning for business, vision, mission and values and how we plan for kmb; marketing and lead generation and how we provide value and market to the consumers of research; sales to get consumers to buy and people to care for business and sales of the right offering to the right consumer at the right time for kmb; and of course strategic partnerships in both business and research. I would like to hear your thoughts on these synergies and what you would need to know to make these things happen or to better understand the activities involved.

Tamika Heiden, Principal with Knowledge Translation Australia, will be your host. Knowledge Translation Australia is a consulting service to train researchers and research users in Knowledge Translation methods and tools; to support them to implement knowledge Translation practices within new and existing research projects and grants; and to link researchers and research users to ensure research is relevant for everyone.

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