Sponsorship Opportunities Open for Upcoming Global Implementation Conference, Toronto, June 19-21 2017

The 4th biennial Global Implementation Conference (GIC 2017) that will be held in Toronto, Canada on June 19-21, 2017. It is my pleasure to offer organizations interested in implementation of evidence with the opportunity to become a sponsor of the GIC 2017.

The GIC is the leading international implementation conference in the world and aims to promote implementation science, practice, and policy and their active application in human services in order to contribute to demonstrable and socially significant benefits to individuals and society. GIC 2015 engaged delegates from 25 countries representing health, behavioral health, education, criminal justice, government, economics, and a variety of other systems working together to realize the benefits of effective implementation in society. GIC 2017 aims to en­gage a similarly global audience with innovative perspectives on the effective application of implemen­tation principles in practice.

The theme of GIC 2017 is “Expanding Implementation Perspectives: Engaging Systems”. GIC 2017 will take place over three days in Toron­to, Ontario and is expected to at­tract over 600 attendees. Delegates will include practitioners, organiza­tional leaders, researchers, philan­thropists, and government officials representing a variety of systems.

In order to support development of GIC 2017 and future GIC events, we are asking for sponsorship support. As a sponsor of GIC 2017, you/your organization will have the opportunity to:

  • Raise your organization’s profile among implementation experts from around the globe
  • Network with more than 600 delegates representing a wide variety of practice settings
  • Align with and support leading-edge continuing education

More information about sponsorship please contact melanie.barwick@sickkids.ca

You may also be interested in participating; the Call for Proposals can be found here: https://gic.globalimplementation.org/call-for-proposals/

We look forward to forward to partnering with you for GIC 2017!


Melanie Barwick, GIC 2017 Co-Chair and GII Board Member

Jennifer Schroeder, GII Vice-President and GIC 2017 Chair