What kind of knowledge mobiliser are you? (and other questions for knowledge brokers)

The Toronto chapter of KTECOP invites you to a presentation by Vicky Ward, Associate Professor of Knowledge Mobilisation at the University of Leeds, UK.

Event Details

Thursday, June 23, 2016
4:00-6:00 p.m.
OISE, Room 7-105
252 Bloor Street West, Toronto


See also Vicky Ward, Why, whose, what and how? A framework for knowledge mobilisers, Evidence and Policy, 2016.


We all know that the field of knowledge mobilisation is awash with confusing terminology, diverse definitions, fragmented literature and unhelpful models and frameworks. This means that many of us with ambitions to help people share knowledge find that our initial enthusiasm can quickly turn into bewilderment and bafflement. This is certainly something which I have faced and often continue to struggle with. In this session I will share something of my journey into the world of knowledge mobilisation and brokering and offer a simple framework designed to help us reflect on and clarify our aims and objectives and identify helpful models for our work as knowledge mobilisers.

In the second part of the session I will provide a space for attendees to critically and thoughtfully reflect on their experiences of sharing and brokering knowledge and develop some radical ideas for future action. To do this we will form a temporary ‘community of enquiry’ where we will explore, discuss and debate a question about knowledge brokering, using a method which draws on the principles and practices of community philosophy. This approach, originally developed in educational settings, aims to develop thinking communities, deepen understanding and support communities to take thoughtful action.

Speaker Bio

Vicky WardVicky Ward is a knowledge mobilisation researcher working in healthcare and Associate Professor of Knowledge Mobilisation at the University of Leeds in the UK. Her focus is on how people (e.g., healthcare staff, academics, communities) can be supported to learn from and share their knowledge with one another. In 2014 she was awarded a Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship by the UK’s National Institute of Health Research and is currently carrying out a project on how practice-based/tacit knowledge is shared across health and social care boundaries in community settings. Her published work is in the area of knowledge brokering and knowledge mobilisation frameworks. More information is available on her webpage (http://medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/profile/600/263/vicky_ward) and blog (www.kmbresearcher.wordpress.com).