Challenges and Opportunities: International Perspectives on KT

The Toronto chapter of KTECOP invites you to a presentation by Dr. Tamika Heiden, founder and principal of Knowledge Translation Australia, a consultancy designed to facilitate KT learning and practice within research institutions and to broker relationships between industry and universities.

Event Details

Monday, March 27, 2017, 4-6 pm
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning Auditorium, 686 Bay Street (at Elm), Toronto


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Over the last three years, Tamika has worked with Universities, research institutes and funding agencies in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness of knowledge translation as the pathway to research impact. In 2015, the Australian Government launched a new National innovation initiative which led to a current review and change to how research and research institutions are funded and rewarded for research. This move has pushed the focus toward the use of translation in creating impact.

More recently, Tamika had the privilege of interviewing over 25 international experts on translation, implementation and research impact as part of KT Australia’s Research Impact Summit. In this session, Tamika will discuss the progress of KT and developments in research impact that are currently happening in Australia as well as explore international perspectives on translation and impact from the Research Impact Summit that could have relevance for KT in Canada.

About the Speaker

Tamika HeidenDr Tamika Heiden is Principal of Knowledge Translation Australia Pty Ltd, a company she founded in 2014. Tamika has an extensive background in research and research management in the health and medical sciences.

Tamika has trained hundreds of researchers in Australia and New Zealand in KT methods. Tamika has a different approach to translation and impact that brings methodologies from entrepreneurship and the business world to help researchers work with and understand industry and to be influential in creating change through translation activities.