New R2A Webinar Series

Research to Action is launching a series of webinars to help development researchers and communications professionals really unpack what we mean by the term research uptake.

The series ‘A Cup of Tea With…’ will make use of Research to Action’s impressive pool of expert contributors across the different areas and components of research uptake, providing an accessible forum to enable more effective peer learning. Each webinar will spend a half hour with an expert on one topic, such as the evidence around research uptake best practice, or practical M&E of research uptake. The format will be concise and participative, beginning with a twenty minute interview followed by a ten-minute open Q&A, allowing for virtual participants to join in and really get to grips with the issues discussed.

The webinars will be held on the last Thursday of every month, providing a useful moment of reflection on participants’ previous week of work and any associated uptake-related opportunities or challenges. The webinars will be recorded as audio and video files, and made accessible via R2A’s Youtube and Vimeo channels for those unable to participate on the day. The webinars will also be summarised in blog posts as a ‘quick read’, for those short of time and interested in the key messages.

The first webinar will take place on Thursday, 26th January at 14:00 London (GMT) (9:00 am EST). It will feature an interview with Saskia Gent, Director of Insights for Impact. Follow the hashtag #R2AWebinar and join the conversation using social media. To register for the webinar sign up using this link and then remember to download the software when prompted to by email.

Webinar Schedule:

  • Thursday 26th January ‘An introduction to research uptake and the impact landscape’ featuring an interview with Saskia Gent.
  • Thursday 23rd February ‘Stakeholder engagement’
  • Thursday 30th March ‘Capacity building’
  • Thursday 27th April ‘Communications’
  • Thursday 25th May ‘Monitoring & Evaluation’