A new KTE approach for moving best evidence into best practice

A presentation by Dr. Johnny Dyreborg, a visiting occupational health and safety researcher from Denmark.

Event Details

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
4-5 pm
Institute for Work & Health
481 University, Suite 800


In this presentation, Dr. Johnny Dyreborg will summarize findings from a systematic literature review on the effectiveness of safety interventions and describe an interactive approach of knowledge exchange. A systematic review synthesizes available published evidence to answer a specific research question. It is intended to be comprehensive, systematic, rigorous and transparent. However, syntheses of the evidence may generalize effects and de-contextualize research findings. For more effective prevention, it is useful to contextualize findings relevant to the research users.

Dr. Dyreborg will outline an interactive knowledge exchange approach for implementing evidence-based ‘best practice’ injury prevention at the workplace. His research team used insights from the Institute for Work & Health’s Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) approach, which promotes the engagement of research users in sharing knowledge to improve research relevance and uptake of findings. Dr. Dyreborg will present an example of how the intended knowledge exchange approach is expected to promote preventive action.

About the Presenter

Dr. Johnny Dyreborg is a Senior Researcher at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Dyreborg’s research areas cover organizational aspects of safety at work, including the importance of the external environment. He has a particular interest in understanding what works to move research into practice, exploring different approaches to the exchange of knowledge and experience.