Knowledge Translation: Tools for Moving Research to Impact

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 (12:00-1:30 ET, 9:00-10:30am PT)
Presented by Kids Brain Health Network
1) Ms. Stephanie Glegg (Knowledge Broker/Facilitator at Sunny Hill Health Centre)
2) Dr. Anneliese Poetz (Knowledge Translation Manager for Kids Brain Health Network)
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This past summer Stephanie Glegg (Sunny Hill Health Centre, Vancouver) received a KBHN Laboratory Exchange Award to expand her knowledge brokering expertise/experience through an intensive in-house learning experience with Dr. Anneliese Poetz (KBHN KT Services Manager, York University). Mentor and mentee present this next webinar to share many of the insights gained during the exchange, and to answer a request from our network trainees for tools and information about knowledge exchange and brokering. Read about the immediate impact of the exchange experience in a KT Core-ner Blog Post, and join us for a practical and informative webinar!

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