KTE COP speaking event: Creating an ecosystem in which impact can thrive

On May 23rd, 2019, the Toronto chapter of the KTE CoP held a speaking event to explore how we can create an ecosystem in which impact can thrive. Watch the recorded webinar.

About this event

The research sector is changing at pace and disruption is being felt significantly within the traditional publishing industry. Governments globally are challenging funders, researchers, and those who serve them to apply new approaches, models and services to align with open research mandates.

Achieving ‘impact’ is rapidly becoming a top priority, with increasing pressure on research to have an impact in the real world and for researchers to evidence clear pathways to impact. Emerald Publishing are responding, identifying means through which they can diversify and extend their ‘usefulness’ as a publisher, to best support the research community.

In this session, we will outline some of the key drivers for change; examine Emerald’s response, and explore how these challenges are being felt, and addressed, in both Canada and the rest of the world.


  • An overview of the drivers for change affecting academic publishing
  • An understanding of how Emerald Publishing are responding
  • An opportunity to share your experience in a global context

About the presenter

Steve Lodge is Head of Research Services at Emerald Publishing. His roles within the business have incorporated the management of commercial licensing agreements and a variety of positions within Product & Marketing functions. In his current position, Steve is responsible for identifying the ways in which Emerald can diversify their product and service offering; creating tools and services which help equip the research community for success.