Lisa Lachance is Chair of the 2020 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

We are pleased to announce that Lisa Lachance is the Chair of the 2020 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum.

Lisa is President of Wisdom2Action Limited, a social enterprise focused on community and youth engagement, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. She is passionate about the potential for knowledge mobilization to achieve social justice and is always seeking to expand the practice of KMb to be more inclusive.

Lisa has worked with youth, communities, governments and organizations in Canada and around the world on KMb, children’s rights, youth and community engagement, LGBTQ2S+ rights and gender equality. From 2013-2019, Lisa was the Executive Director of Wisdom2Action’s predecessor, the Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Network, a federally-funded knowledge mobilization network, where she led the development of new ways of engaging youth and community-based organizations in knowledge mobilization.

Lisa started her career in the federal and provincial governments where she worked on developing and implementing evidence-based policy in government programs. She is currently a Doctoral candidate in Health at Dalhousie University focusing on how community-based organizations can be integrated into mental health services for youth. Lisa is a white Canadian settler living in M’ikma’ki, the unceded territory of the M’ikmaq First Nations people.