FREE webinar: Connecting People and Society in the Disinformation Age

It’s not much fun communicating science these days, is it? Opinion seems to count more than facts. Everybody’s got their back up about something. And every subject seems to be a target for polarization—starting with covid-19 and running all the way from climate change, agricultural technology (eg: gene editing, glyphosate), food (eg: gluten, fad diets) and health (eg: vaccines, placenta-eating, homeopathy) to general science (eg: flat Earth, moon landing conspiracy). How can science communication get past the disinformation, mistrust, cognitive bias, celebrity culture and other barriers?

In collaboration with Australia’s Research Impact Academy, OpenTheBox Ltd is offering a free introductory webinar to communicating science in the disinformation age.

Please join us on June 2 (evening for North America) for this short, interactive learning event.

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