Job posting: Knowledge Broker, Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

The Knowledge Broker is a provincial resource to assist in building and enhancing the capacity of agencies across Ontario to strengthen care and improve child and youth mental health outcomes. The knowledge broker will have content expertise in at least two of the following three areas: 1) implementation science, 2) knowledge mobilization and stakeholder engagement, or 3) evaluation/outcomes measurement. The knowledge broker will apply their expertise in order to facilitate the active use of current evidence and to broker strong supportive relationships among the Centre’s diverse stakeholders across Ontario. The knowledge broker will possess skills in communication, team building, networking and relationship-building, facilitation and negotiation, and project management.

The knowledge broker will work primarily with senior leaders and key program staff of agencies across the province of Ontario that deliver child and youth mental health services, as well as with community partners which may include education, child welfare, youth justice, developmental services and health. Reporting to a Centre manager, the knowledge broker plays a key role in accomplishing the Centre’s mission to foster the use of evidence-based practice to improve outcomes, building teams, within the Centre and externally with the appropriate expertise, to support agencies application of knowledge in practice.

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