KT Connects Webinar – How to do KT in a pandemic?

Join us and Dr. Sarah Munro (2016 Trainee, 2019 Scholar) on May 29 for a special KT Connects webinar on doing knowledge translation in a pandemic.  

KT Connects is a series of knowledge translation training webinars featuring BC-based experts. Join us this month as 2016 Trainee and 2019 Scholar Dr. Sarah Munro discusses “How to do knowledge translation in a pandemic.”

What will be discussed? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to disruption in the health research community through curtailment of research activities and social distancing practices. Knowledge translation (KT) of health research may need to pivot during this time but health experts are on centre stage, and the public and policy makers are a captive audience. The need for effective communication, dissemination, and behaviour change remains critical. In this talk, Dr. Munro will provide guidance on methods for integrated and end-of-grant KT during the COVID-19 pandemic and similar periods of social disruption, as well as what to do for research that has been curtailed.

Register Now to join us on Friday, May 29 at noon for this 45-minute webinar.

Catch up on March’s webinar

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