new on-demand workshop: Connecting People and Science in a Post-truth World

Do you communicate science or knowledge to stakeholders, the public, patients, parents? Do you have to debunk myths or celebrity-driven nonsense? Is your message getting through?

Thanks to a growing distrust of science, the establishment, authority and expertise (not to mention the growing footprint of celebrities, social media, narcissism-related behaviours, fake news and plain old fraud), communicating science is like navigating a minefield.

Our new workshop “Connecting People and Science in a Post-truth World” can help you counter mistrust and misinformation in today’s “difficult” communications landscape.

Unlike many efforts to debunk myths and communicate science through fact and logical argument, the workshop explains how we got into this situation and the barriers to truth, then provides concrete concepts and approaches to avoid them.

See above link or contact Sylviane Duval for more information. If you’re interested but a workshop format isn’t suitable, we can break the content down into three webinars instead.