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Register today for the next KT Connects – a series of knowledge translation training webinars featuring BC-based experts!

 This month, Dr. Heather McKay (Professor, Faculty of Medicine at UBC) will join us to present on “Shining a light on the implementation to scale-up continuum – how does it apply to health promoting innovations?”

“Health interventions are important but without effective strategies to enhance their translation on a broad scale they cannot improve the health of populations in BC or Canada. Policy makers want to know how health promotion (or any) interventions that led to better health on a small scale can be disseminated– while retaining their effectiveness. Currently there is an evidence gap as scale-up studies of effective health promoting interventions, are almost non-existent. I will present the central tenets of conceptual frameworks that guide implementation of interventions delivered at scale. I will describe implementation evaluation and discuss ‘the tug of war’ between adaptation and fidelity, especially as interventions are delivered at larger and larger scale. I will embed implementation and scale-up science within a real world scale-up study that I lead, in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, BC Ministry of Health and many community partner organizations.”

Register Now to join us on Friday, February 28 at 1 pm PST for this 45-minute webinar.

 P.S: If you missed our last webinar with Karine Souffez, you can find the recorded video and slides here.