Event recording: Show, don’t tell – Breaking the bottleneck between evidence and impact

On April 27, 2021, The Toronto Chapter of the KTE COP hosted an event featuring a presentation by Stephany Peterson. View the event recording. Scroll down for additional event resources.

About this event

Let me tell you a story… that phrase is the ultimate hook. It’s the promise of being welcomed into a memorable experience. This is the first form of knowledge sharing. It is how humans have evolved to establish common ground and inform collective action. It is how we move from what we know to what we do.

But, the best stories don’t tell—they show.

The gap between research and practice is a pervasive issue across all sectors. We are telling the story, but not showing it.

Stephany Peterson is hosting a series of sessions to explore how, why, and when to use storytelling by incorporating media arts into research for knowledge implementation. Join the only session scheduled for KTE COP members! On April 27, KTE COP members discussed the show AND tell of the emerging future with the rigour of evidence and the mechanisms that evoke and inspire us, so that, together, we can move what we know into what we do.

Event resources


DOCTalks Guide V1.0 (bilingual access):

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Harvard Implicit Bias Test

Coming soon to a conference near you – experience the Click Your Own Adventure LIVE:
SSHRC, Canada Media Fund, and DOCTalks Open Session at Congress 2021:
June 1st, 2pm MDT

www.doctalks.ca Festival&Symposium June 15-17

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Further, if you wish to engage more deeply into other aspects mentioned (such as the IDEA Matrix, crafting a Memorandum of Understanding for a collaborative project, as examples mentioned), please do reach out!

About the Speaker

Stephany Peterson is a collaborator. She is an interdisciplinary that lives and thrives in ‘the spaces between’. Fitting in everywhere and thereby belonging nowhere, she is modern day, two-legged version of The Littlest Hobo. Stewarding knowledge from research to practice, she is a public scholar: balancing a rigorous approach with evocative application. She has traveled to over 45 countries to contextualize the complexities of social problems in research, teaching, and service, to foster culture and identity as foundations for paradigmatic transformative change.

Stephany has presented and published at conferences and in journals along her path to PhD candidacy, earning her BA Honours with distinction and MA Valedictorian. She honed the practice of implementation science through cultural expression as cohesion with directorship of a multitude of arts&culture programmes which became keystones of their regions. This journey led her to pursue Interdisciplinary Studies as the intentional and incessant space of disruption. Recognized with awards, grants, fellowships, ambassadorships, and think tank roles, her collaborative stewardship also includes appointments and elections to Executive for a multitude of agencies, boards, and committees at all levels of Canadian government, professional & academic unions, and not-for-profit organizations. Stephany has been privileged to shelter in place on Wabanaki Territory, also known as New Brunswick, since February 2020; and occasionally pulls out her passport just to remember what it looks like.