Event recording: Using the arts for knowledge translation and mobilization

Noa Yaari, CRRS 7/30, 2019. Ink, acrylic, and stickers on paper, 21 x 28 cm. Toronto.
Stevenson, David. Scotland’s Last Royal Wedding: The Marriage of James VI and Anne of Denmark. Edinburgh: John Donald, 1997.

On November 18, 2021, the Toronto Chapter of KTE COP hosted a hands-on workshop that explored ways to utilize the arts for knowledge translation and mobilization. The artist Dr. Noa Yaari invited us to do so through the analysis of her art project at the Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies at the University of Toronto, titled, Word and Image Relationships at the CRRS Library.

Watch the recorded event.

About this event

While showing us her artwork, in which she paints on scholars’ publications, Dr. Yaari raised questions about “bodies” of knowledge, libraries, books, and viewers. Participants delved into sensorial experiences, such as colours and movement in space, as well as the sense of humour, as tools to create a community that is curious about and engaged with academic research.

Participants also took part in a 10-minute hands-on exercise to unleash our creativity in a supportive environment.