Developing a Professional Certification in KT at the University of Toronto

Thursday, September 17, 2009, 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Institute for Work and Health
481 University Avenue, Suite 800, Toronto

Speaker: Dr. Melanie Barwick, SickKids

The last five years has seen a steady rise in academic-industry partnerships to leverage scientific innovations. There has also been growth in the application of knowledge translation across the four pillars of science: basic, clinical, health services, and population health. The main funding bodies have developed strategic directions pertaining to knowledge translation, as have government, public, volunteer, and health sector organizations.

Despite growth in this area, there exists significant under-realized potential in linking the public and private sectors with research innovations that could lead to new and profitable products and improved health care and outcomes for Canadians. Moreover, the time from discovery to application is still too long and could be shortened with improved KT knowledge, strategies and resources, and development of KT/KM human resources.

This potential can only be fully realized if we can adequately train a nascent generation of knowledge transfer and knowledge management professionals. “The development of this fresh, new profession will have a major role in the successful commercialisation of research and other knowledge-intensive activity for the benefit of the economy and society” (Institute for Knowledge Transfer, UK).

Canada does not have a professional training program for the KT/KM profession, and with ongoing growth in KT jobs within the health care sector, there is need to fill. The presentation will review the steps we are taking towards developing such a program, including a survey of the KT profession in Canada, development of a competency framework, and core faculty and course content.

A draft of the KT Professionals Survey was reviewed by participants.

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