Exploring the Applicability of Research to the Practice of Knowledge Translation

Speaker: Dr. Carole Estabrooks, Knowledge Utilization Studies Program, University of Alberta
Date: Friday, February 26, 2010
Time: 8:30 to 11:00 am
Location: Intercontinental Hotel, 220 Bloor Street West, Toronto

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Dr. Carole Estabrooks is one of Canada’s leading researchers in knowledge translation. In this workshop, Carole presented her research in our field, including the collaborative work that she has been doing on the PARISH model with Kitson and her colleagues in England. There was an interactive discussion on how her research can be applied and practiced with the most effect in the real world. The objective of the workshop was to explore the applicability of research to the practice of knowledge translation.

Impact: Making the link between researchers and practicing knowledge brokers is important since the “science of knowledge translation” needs to expand and develop and this can be facilitated by interaction between researchers and practitioners.

Guest speaker Dr. Carole Estabrooks (second from left), with community of practice members (from L-R): Caroline Lonsdale, Fiona Webster, Katie Dainty

About the Speaker

Dr. Carole Estabrooks has been a member of the faculty at the University of Alberta and principal investigator of the Knowledge Utilization Studies Program since 1997. She holds a Canada Research Chair (2005-2010) in Knowledge Translation (http://www.chairs.gc.ca/) and is a member of the Advisory Board for CIHR’s Institute of Aging. She holds an adjunct appointment at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. Dr Estabrooks supervises undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and teaches in the knowledge translation area. Her research focuses on basic and applied aspects of inquiry in the knowledge and research utilization field. She has been the recipient of several awards and achievements, among them, the Alumni Horizon Award (2002), and career scientist awards from CIHR/MRC (Health Scholar, 2000-2005) and AHFMR (Population Health Investigator, 2000-2003). In 2007 Dr. Estabrooks was elected to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and honored with an Alumni Award of Distinction from the University of New Brunswick.

Dr Estabrooks’ research focuses on knowledge translation (research utilization, knowledge utilization, research implementation) theory, knowledge translation interventions, the role of organizational context in facilitating knowledge translation, and the effect of knowledge translation on resident/patient and provider outcomes. She conducts her studies in a number of settings including acute care, home care and increasingly residential long-term care.

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