Systematic Review of Tools to Apply in the Assessment of KTE

Speaker: Dwayne van Eerd, Associate Scientist, IWH
Date: November 8, 2010
Time: 4:40 to 6:30 pm
Location: Institute for Work & Health, 481 University Avenue, Suite 800, Toronto (St Patrick Subway stop)

» Presentation slides for Dwayne van Eerd

A group of twelve researchers and KT practitioners have been reviewing the literature on the evaluation of knowledge translation and exchange. With funding from CIHR, they are trying to answer the review question: Are there reliable, valid and/or useful tools to apply in the assessment of knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) implementation and its impact?

They started with the broadest inclusion of research into knowledge transfer, knowledge mobilization, diffusion of innovation, etc. The initial search came up with over 13,000 articles from a very broad search in the medical, agricultural, educational, business and other literatures. They have been meeting every two weeks for nearly a year completing the following systematic review steps: Develop Question, Conduct Literature Search, Identify Relevant Documents, Quality Appraisal, Data Extraction, Evidence Synthesis.

They are presently engaged in the data extraction on 60 quantitative, 10 qualitative, and 3 mixed methods studies. The team is led by Dwayne Van Eerd at the Institute for Work & Health. He will discuss with us both the process of conducting a systematic review, but also what the team has found so far.

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