The Canadian Homelessness Research Network: Making Research Matter

A presentation by Stephen Gaetz, Director, Canadian Homelessness Research Network, York University.

Event Details

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
4:00 to 6:00 pm
Room 1218, 123 Edward Street


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An effective response to homelessness should ideally be informed by research. Canada, when compared to the United States, United Kingdom or Australia, has been much slower to incorporate research knowledge into policy and practice responses. In this presentation, the history and practices of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network are examined in order to understand what factors create research impact. The CHRN was established to ‘make research matter’ through community engagement and knowledge mobilization practices focusing on policy, practice and public engagement. One of the key mechanisms of knowledge mobilization has been the development of the Homeless Hub, a web-based research library and dissemination tool. A review of the activities of the CHRN suggest first, that there has been a shift in Canada in terms of the role of research in contribution to solutions to homelessness, and second, that the knowledge gained regarding knowledge mobilization strategies can be adapted in other national contexts.

About the Speaker

Stephen GaetzStephen Gaetz
Associate Dean, Research and Professional Development,
Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto
Director, Canadian Homelessness Research Network

Stephen Gaetz’s commitment is to a research agenda that foregrounds social justice and attempts to make research relevant to policy and program development. His research interests include homelessness, youth culture and community development. His research on homelessness has focused on their economic strategies, nutritional vulnerability, education and legal and justice issues, as well as solutions to homelessness from both a Canadian and international perspective. Dr. Gaetz is the director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network and the Homeless Hub, projects dedicated to mobilizing homelessness research so that it has a greater impact on policy, planning and service provision, thereby contributing to solutions to end homelessness in Canada.

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